Patient Postcards

Being in Critical Care can be a difficult experience for the patient and their visitors. It may take patients some time to make sense of what happened to them. Staff see patients at the most critical point of their hospital journey. However, we rarely have the opportunity to hear how patients have recovered. When we do it means a great deal to us. We would like to invite former patients of critical care to send us their news and an update of their recovery.

Why use patient postcards?

It is beneficial for patients to be able to let us know about their progress, and some patients like to express their thanks for our service and care. It also helps staff morale. It may also benefit current patients and visitors to hear about life after critical care, offering hope and inspiration.

What happens to my postcard?

If you agree, your postcard will be displayed in a corridor in Cardiff Critical Care for up to two years, where visitors and staff will be able to read your news. After 2 years it will be confidentially destroyed. You may choose to share your postcard with just the Critical Care staff.

Opening Hours

1300 to 1830

1930 to 2030

2 visitors per patient


    No matter how long ago you were with us, just fill in the postcard below. Feel free to update us again at any time in the future too!

    e.g. How have you been since going home?

    Are you happy for your postcard to be displayed in the Cardiff Critical Care service corridor so visitors may read it?