Coronavirus update

We fully understand the need for regular updates and information about your loved-one. You are welcome to call the bedside nurse for daily updates on the numbers here. Our specialist intensive care team members aim to give a more detailed update by phone every 48 – 72 hours or if major changes occur.  This will be a medical overview of your loved-one and a plan for their treatment and care whilst they are with us.

We understand that this can be an extremely challenging time in itself without the added pressure of isolation and being away from your loved-one so we will be able to offer phone consultations with our Clinical Psychology team on a referral basis to further support you and your family if required. As the bedside nurse if this is something that you will find helpful.

Lastly we would like to thank you for understanding and patience at this extremely challenging time. Ensure you stay safe, stay home and keep in regular contact with your friends and family, we are all in this together.


As the incidence of COVID in the community falls we are now able to offer increased visiting to Critical Care patients. Currently routine visiting is only available in certain areas on the Critical Care Unit, where longer-staying patients are cared for. We hope to expand this further soon.

I need to make an urgent visit because I have been advised my loved one is dying, what do I do?

This will be arranged by phone with the clinical team looking after your loved one. Throughout the Pandemic we have facilitated such compassionate visiting and will continue to do so. Depending on your loved one’s COVID status and which area of Critical Care they are being cared for in, we may ask you to self-isolate for 10 days afterwards.

Can I make a booked visit to my loved one who has been admitted to Critical Care within the last 2 weeks?

Visiting to all patients admitted to Critical Care in the last 2 weeks is still restricted to patients who are dying only.

Can I make a booked visit to my loved one who was admitted to Critical Care over 2 weeks ago?

The rules are different for patients whose COVID status we are sure of, either because repeat testing has proven they don’t have COVID, or they have recovered from COVID and are no longer infectious. When patients meet these criteria they may be moved to a separate area of Critical Care (the ‘Blue Zone’) where visiting is possible. Visiting needs to be booked, and time limited so we can show you the proper precautions upon entry and control the numbers of people within Critical Care to protect patients.

Who do I phone to arrange?

All visits must be booked. Phone ‎02921 840998 to arrange

When can I come?

Due to the complexity of visiting the Critical Care Unit we are currently only offer visiting in 4, 1 hour slots (14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00) Monday to Friday. You should be able to see your loved one for at least 30 minutes in that hour slot.

Do I need a COVID test or vaccination to visit?

Vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors are welcome. You do not need a COVID test to visit, but you should not come to the hospital with COVID symptoms.

What should I wear and bring?

Wear your face mask to attend the hospital. Wear cool clothing which has no sleeves, or has sleeves that can be rolled up for good handwashing. Wear shoes that can be wiped clean. Avoid bringing valuables.

Where do I go?

University Hospital of Wales. 3rd floor. Relatives room B3 corridor (opposite the lifts). If empty, please go in and sit down. Please try to be on time rather than early.

Who will meet me?

A member of the Healthcare Support Worker team will meet you. If concerned, ring the bookings number above.

What happens next?

The Healthcare Support Worker will talk you through things. They will take you to the clinical area where your loved one is cared for. They will assist you to put on PPE.

What PPE will I need to wear in the Blue zone?

Washed hands. Gloves. Plastic Apron. A ‘Surgical’ Face mask similar to that worn in shops. Visor. Visitor Sticker. All are provided

What happens once I am ready to go in?

The Healthcare Support Worker will take you to your relative’s bedside. They will introduce you to the nurse caring for your loved one and then will leave, returning when visiting finishes. If your 1 hour slot started at 14:00, we hope you can be at the bedside from at least 14:15 to 14:45.

Can I touch my loved one?

Yes. We would encourage you to hold their hand. We advise again contacting their face (eg kissing their head)

Can I ask questions?

Of course. The nurse at the bedside will do their best to answer them. If you need a more in-depth update from a Doctor, this is still best done by telephone to limit your time in Critical Care.

What happens if I take my PPE off?

You will be asked to leave.

What happens at the end of the visit?

The Health Care Support Worker will come to the bedside and take you out of the Unit, helping you to safely remove your PPE. Following this, we would advise you to leave the hospital soon after your visit to help with social distancing. Wash your clothes in the normal way.

What happens if my loved one is unavailable for visiting?

We will do our best to honour the time given, but sometimes circumstances may prevent visiting, for example your loved one needs an urgent CT scan or operation. We will do our best to work out an alternative arrangement.

What I if I want to visit more often?

We will prioritise visiting for patients who have not yet had visitors. We have to balance visiting with the need to continue to care for all our patients. The measures required to make visiting safe mean we have to limit visiting slots. Please bear with us. We are keeping visiting under constant review and hope to open up additional visiting slots and weekend visiting in due course.

Opening Hours

1300 to 1830

1930 to 2030

2 visitors per patient