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Quality Improvement Registration

To register a Quality Improvement project for critical care, click on the following link from a Health Board computer and complete the form. Below are some useful hints on how best to complete the form.,176347146,253_176347150&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL



Useful tips to complete the form!

5. Your directorate: Critical Care

6. Your line manager / supervisors email address:

11. Who is the projects senior supervisor: List who will be most involved, or default to James Williams

12. Would you like support from the patient safety team at this stage: For bigger projects involving specialties outside ICU consider ticking yes.

14. Proposed project presentation date: Select a date on the first Tuesday of the month when you think you will be ready (this is not set in stone, so don’t worry if it changes).

15. Forum where the project will be presented: Q&S meeting critical care.

19. Sample size to be reviewed: Enter an estimate / NA or TBC.


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