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Research Messages

For details and protocols for current trials go here.

  • SIGNET -> Have a read of these brief training slides.


  • AID-ICU -> there are only 150 patients left to recruit to the AID-ICU study globally. We would love to contribute significantly to this study in Cardiff. So far, the early use of haloperidol in delirium means that most patients are being screened out. Please use delirium screening tools and think about the study before using haloperidol. There are a variety of alternative strategies to manage delirium other than haloperidol including 1-1 nursing, pain relief, benzodiazepines, clonidine and others. Avoid antipsychotics unless no other option.


  • A2B -> the management of bradycardia / hypotension includes a range of measures such as the use of glycopyrrolate, fluids, vasopressors etc. Only stopping the drug if these normal measures fail.
Research Studies Doctors Guide
COVID RX and RCTs v1.6 hospitalised patients June 2021-2

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