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Consultant rota

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How to I make leave and availability requests?

Leave = Annual / study / professional leave

Availability = No work / short day only / Night only / No night shift / Other work

This can be done on the Healthrota website or in the app.

The website is much easier.

Once viewing our rota (file/rotas/critical care) go to the View menu where you can toggle to ‘View members grid’ from the ‘View Shifts grid’. Highlight the cells you want and just type the leave type (AL/SL etc).

How does annual and study leave work?

Ideally, leave should be booked before the rota is written. In an annualised rota, you do a set amount of clinical work (DCCs) spread across the year. This clinical work calculation already has all your leave removed. So where no clinical work is rostered, this is your SPA or leave time. When you request annual or study leave in advance, we simply move around your clinical work to ensure your gaps fall in the periods requested.

What if I do lots of non-clinical work in my gaps?

Your job plan should account for your non-clinical work. If not, speak with the DMT. The good part of an annualised rota is the flexibility it gives you in when non-clinical work can be done. The danger is that people voluntarily overwork in the gaps which also make up their leave. This is why some people will choose to "book" leave to better define when it occurs. However, even if you do not book any leave at all, it is still given to you automatically as the DCC calculations already includes leave. It will not be in specific, identifiable, defined periods however.

How do I book leave after the rota is already written?

You can request it through HealthRota. However, if you are rostered for clinical work, you will need to swap this with someone first. This is because all clinical work (DCCs) is calculated with leave already removed. Once a rota is written, you are working the correct amount of clinical work for your job plan. Removing clinical work after the rota is written will mean you have not done your share needed.

Why am I working too few or too many DCCs in this cycle?

It is impossible to ensure everyone does exactly the right amount of clinical work. There will always be individuals with a small amount of DCCs over or under. We try to keep this difference between 5-10% of your total work. This is then rolled over into the next rota cycle. Alternatively, you could request extra shifts or give up shifts to compensate via Healthrota.

What if my job planned DCCs are wrong?

If you think your DCCs are wrong in HealthRota, first check your job plan with the DMT. If your job plan needs to be changed this needs to done formally before changes are made in the rota. If your job plan is right but your DCCs in Healthrota are wrong, email Craig and I and we will get it sorted.

Why am I working so many nights or weekends?

In principle, we should all work be working a proportion of nights or weekends according to our job plan. Those working more or less DCCs work proportionally more or less nights and weekends. However, this is really hard to balance perfectly. To allow everyone's requests and accommodate complex job plans, there will always be some imbalances. In addition, it is really hard currently in Healthrota to keep track of this when designing the rota. I have asked for this to be changed. If you feel strongly that your balance is wrong, please speak with me directly.

What about Christmas?

We run a rolling 4 year Christmas rota. This allows you to plan in advance and distributes shifts transparently and fairly. The shifts from here will be added to HealthRota automatically. On each 4 yearly cycle, we will be in touch about your requests. The next will be in 2022.

Can I self roster or have a fixed rota?

Some people already have a fixed rota or self-roster due to the complexity of their job plans. We hope to expand this ability although moving to a fully self-rostering or fixed system is very unlikely due to continuity issues.

How do I book locums?

To work locums before 21st June 2021, request them via Gaynor as normal.
All locums after 21st June 2021 will be offered and booked via HealthRota.

Here is a video!


How do I claim locums?

Currently, locums still need to be claimed using the old paper method via Gaynor. We hope to change this in the future to an electronic system with tracking using HealthRota.

How do I see the location of locum offers in the app?

There is a bug that stops the location displaying. Healthrota are aware of this and will fix it. For now, looking at locum offers on the website rota grid will show you this.

What if I am sick?

Please record sickness on Healthrota as well an informing the team. In the app, go to Add -> Leave -> ICU sick leave.

Sick leave in an annualised rota gives you DCC credits for each day you are sick. If you have a standard 7.5 ICU DCC job plan, each day is worth 0.9 DCCs. Therefore, if you are sick for a week you will be credited 4.5 DCCs. If you are sick when due to work a nightshift worth 3.5 DCCs for example, you will still be credited your daily amount of 0.9 DCCs. If you are sick when not due to work clinical or on leave, you will still be credited.

Can I swap with people?

Yes. This can be done via HealthRota automatically.

Where do I find help?

There is great help on the HealthRota website here.


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