About our unit

As the largest critical care unit in Wales, we provide high quality care for the sickest patients in hospital. With a world leading research department, outstanding education opportunities and strong public engagement links, caring for patients remains our passion.

You are welcome to call the bedside nurse for daily updates on the number provided here. Our specialist intensive care team members aim to give a more detailed update by phone every 48 - 72 hours or if major changes occur.  This will be a medical overview of your loved-one and a plan for their treatment and care whilst they are with us.

Opening Hours

1300 to 1830

1930 to 2030

2 visitors per patient


University Hospital of Wales (UHW)


University Hospital of Wales (UHW)

  • 36 adult critical care beds
  • Specialist trauma, neurosurgery and transplant care
  • In-house 24/7 critical care consultant presence
  • A broad, dedicated team of staff including specialist nurses, psychologists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, dieticians and a tracheotomy team
  • Over 250 critical care nurses and 27 consultants