Recovering from critical illness

Our multi-disciplinary team of health professionals at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has developed this resource to help you and your family live well. It supports our model for rehabilitation and also has information and guidance to support people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Many people find tiredness and fatigue to be an issue during their journey of recovery from critical illness. This leaflet has some helpful advice and tips on conserving energy during everyday tasks.

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COVID specific help

The NHS Wales COVID Recovery App is now available for anyone to download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. With lots of videos and links to advice, users will be able to record their symptoms, track their progress and learn to manage their condition at home with support. It includes advice from therapists, psychologists, dietitians and consultants to support those recovering from COVID-19.

Advice on treatments you were given for COVID:

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Another website that may help is

To help you sense of smell come back have a look at


Other support

Some of these support organisations may also help:

Opening Hours

1300 to 1830

1930 to 2030

2 visitors per patient