Tree planting project

Many of you have generously donated to plant over a 1000 trees on a hillside just outside Crickhowell. We have done this in collaboration with a charity The trees are to commemorate all the patients and their families we have cared for as a multidisciplinary team over the last 12 months. The trees will also start offsetting our unit’s carbon footprint.

The name of the wood needs to be in Welsh and below are 10 possible names. If you wish to add other possible names into the mix please let us know. It would be good to know your favoured name and one other.  We can then decide what to go for.

For those of you whose first language isn’t Welsh or English; once we have a chosen name we will ask for the translation from Welsh into your native language and script.

Possible names for the Trees Project were:

  1. Coed Cofio - Trees to remember
  2. Gwreiddio Gobaith - Rooting Hope
  3. Y Goedlangofio - The Wood of Remembrance
  4. Llecyn Llonydd - Peaceful Spot
  5. Y Ddol Ddedwydd - Blissful Meadow
  6. Coed Cofio’r Cewri - Trees to Remember the Brave people
  7. Gwreiddiau Gobaith - Roots of Hope
  8. Canghennau Cariad - Branches of Love
  9. Dail diolch - Leaves of Thanks
  10. Coed Enfys - Rainbow Wood

And the winner with 37% of votes is:

Gwreiddiau Gobaith - Roots of Hope

We will be translating this into Spanish, Urdu, Portuguese and any other languages that members of our staff speak. If yours is not included please let us know here:

If you would like to donate please go here.

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